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How to deal with Kaspersky antivirus installation errors?

How to deal with Kaspersky antivirus installation errors

Kaspersky Antivirus Installation Errors

Most likely you are getting a System Cache File during the installation of your security solution. Well, the error will be [C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore] if you are a user of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. As the INFCACHE.1 is protected by system permissions, it can’t be deleted by any other user until and unless he/she is the account owner. It basically used to store information about drivers. You can delete it by making a right click on the INFCACHE.1 which gives you the chance to select [Take Ownership]. After you select it, you will be able to delete the problem creating the file.

However, the error code is [C:\Windows\inf\infcache.1] in the case of Windows XP. In the case of XP operating system, the INFCACHE.1 file is not protected by the system. So, you can delete it according to the steps given by Kaspersky Antivirus Helpline Number. To do that, you need to press Win key+R and type cmd into the run box. A system reboot is the next thing which should be followed by the Kaspersky installation. You can also get a Leftover Registry Key. It is a registry key which generally created when uninstalling an older version of Kaspersky. The removal of [avp**_post_uninstall] is suggested to you now. To do that, please launch the start button. Now you need to type regedit in the bar. You will get the [avp12_post_uninstall] which is needed to be deleted. Select the [Delete] key and delete the same. The experts now suggest you install the Kaspersky product. Hopefully, you will not find the same error again. If you follow this process, your problem will go permanently. Do not forget that the registry key will not appear during this troubleshooting process.

Well, a different way to deal with the Kaspersky installation problem is to follow the Kaspersky Customer Care; it is innovative in helping the users. For your convenience, this customer care has introduced a twenty-four-hour accessible helpline number. This is the key to getting in touch with the technical support experts that are hired from the relevant backgrounds. You can get in their touch via Kaspersky antivirus customer service number.


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