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How to remove avast antivirus from windows 7

Avast Antivirus customer service number

Antivirus is an important element for every device which keeps it safe and secure for the users to use. It protects the device from attack of virus which might cause harm to the device and result in the improper functioning of the device. Avast provides a great and strong antivirus security to the users which makes the device protected and help the users to work on it easily.

It provides different features to the users but it sometimes happens to the users that they are not willing to have the antivirus on their system as it is not functioning properly or there might be some other issue.

What is the method to remove Avast antivirus from windows 7?

It is not difficult for the users to remove the antivirus from the device which requires them to go through certain simple steps to make their work done.

  •  Download the avastclear.exe on the desktop
  •  Start the windows in the safe mode
  • Open the uninstall utility option in the system
  • If the avast has been installed in different folder then browse for it
  • Select the option for remove
  • Restart the system now
  • Look whether the issue has been resolved or not

These simple steps will help the users to solve the issue which they face while working on it. If still they face any issue then they are required to immediately contact the support team of the avast antivirus where they will get the proper solution for their issues and continue their work on it.

There are different issues for which the support experts will provide them th solution for their issues and allow them to work on it.

  • Restore the deleted files
  • Enable or disable the antivirus
  • Upgrade the antivirus to newer version
  • How to uninstall the antivirus
  • Scanning process stuck in the middle

These steps will help the users to get the proper solution for their issues and allow them to work on the antivirus easily and protect their device from external threat. Users can also call on the avast antivirus technical support number and interact with the experts to get the proper solution.


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