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How to update norton antivirus

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                                                     Update Norton Antivirus

You can easily update your Norton antivirus with the latest version if you have an active subscription. You can also be updating your older version to the latest version from your Norton account without any charges as you have an active subscription. First of all, you have to be need a Norton antivirus installed on your computer. You must have been proper internet connection. There are some easy methods given below:

         Norton Update using Windows Vista

·         Step 1 :- turn on your computer and find the icon of Norton security on your desktop. Now open it by double clicking on the icon.

·         Step 2 :- Now search Run Live Update option in window of Norton antivirus and here you can easily find the tab in Quick task option.

·         Step 3 :- When you find the Run Live Update option, then click on the continue option for further process. To continue for live update you have to be need to click on the Next tab.

·         Step 4 :- once you will click on the Next tab, you will have to be wait for an hour to completed the updated. This live update has to be go for updating all details for Norton Antivirus security’s.

Norton Update using Windows xp

·         Step 1 :- First of all find out Norton Internet Security icon on your desktop. After find double click on the icon.

·         Step 2 :- Now you will be need to click on Run Live Update icon, for begin the update automatically .

·         Step 3 :- When you click on the Live Update, you will come to know when windows in front of you show the option done with installing live update and now you have to be      click on OK to finish

After that if you have faced any problem related to  Norton antivirus then call Norton Antivirus Technical Support Number at :- 18882690130


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