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K7 Total Security Antivirus Customer Service

What an average user demands? A complete solution to all kinds of issues and attacks that his PC faces due to viruses. K7 total security is one of those products which helps you get your PC safe, monitor for issues and don’t consume too many resources on your PC. It is one of the most affordable antiviruses for an average home user. But every good thing has issues, and this one has too. But you don’t need to worry, our K7 Total Security Antivirus Customer service is available 24/7*365 in your service.

Protection of K7 Total Security Antivirus

K7 total security is one of the best antiviruses in the industry, for all round protection of your devices. It has made a benchmark in providing a large number of functionalities. So let us see some of them.

  • USB protection: K7 total security scans for malware and virus as soon as you insert your USB device in your PC. But in some cases, proper scanning may not be done. It may happen that your device may even not be detected. You can call our K7 total security antivirus technical support number and we will tell you how to fix it. 
  • System optimizing feature: It not provides protection from the virus but helps you optimize your PC for best use of resources. It helps your PC to run faster and in an effective way. 
  • Enhanced engine scan: It has a highly advanced algorithm to scan and detect any kind of virus effectively such that none can hide. But to do that you need to have proper configuration. Call our K7 total security antivirus customer support and we will provide you a step by step guide to configure the scan.

These were some of the important functions. There are many more and the solutions can be easily found out by calling us.


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