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Zone Alarm Antivirus Customer Service

Zone Alarm is a product of Check Point Software technologies. It is one of the most renowned companies in the antivirus market, providing comprehensive protection against Trojans and malware. Let us see what kind of protection it provides:

  • Protection from identity thefts

  • Protection from Trojans

  • Protection from online theft

  • Secure you during your shopping, banking and checkouts. This is the most important part of modern antiviruses.

  • It helps you to be safe from phishing attacks and spam emails. 

  • It has a wonderful interface.

  • Though you see the antivirus has a large number of features it does have problems during its use. Let us look at them in the next section.

How can our Zone Alarm technical support number help you?

In the last section, you just saw the features of Zone Alarm antivirus but let us see the issues related to it.

  • The most common issues that the users of Zone Alarm face is of updating. If you to face it, call our helpline number and we will fix any issue, however, complex it in just matter of minutes. You don’t even need to feel ashamed before calling us.
  • Many of our users have told that their devices were unable to boot windows 7 or windows XP after they installed the software. It might happen with the newer windows version also. So, if you are facing such situation just call our Zone Alarm Antivirus customer service and get the issues fixed. 
  • After installing the antivirus, you get an antivirus center. Here you find all the actions and functions that are available. But some of our users have complained that the antivirus screen shows blank. This means that somehow the antivirus is installed incorrectly on your system. Don’t worry just give us a call and we will get your issues fixed in minutes. 
  • In some cases, the Zone Alarm antivirus may complain of missing components on the system. This might be due to several issues and each one of them needs to be solved individually and differently. Call our Zone Alarm antivirus customer service helpline and get your issues fixed by world’s finest engineers.
  • Normally people keep on trying different antiviruses because the needs of them keep on changing. But before you install Zone Alarm you need to uninstall the previous antivirus. Some of our customers while doing so were getting problems. They called our Zone Alarm technical support number and get them fixed within 30 minutes. If you too are facing issues like it, just call us.
  • Antivirus is heavy weight program and may make the system slower. So, to use it properly you need to make certain settings. If you could do yourself a good, else call us and we will provide you a step by step guide to do that perfectly.


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